Who knew the cleaning business was so lucrative? With Truck Bryant


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Darryl "Truck" Bryant

Former professional basketball player is learning entrepreneurship on the fly, and is pretty good at it.

Episode Description

Darryl “Truck” Bryant is a former professional basketball and one of the best guards in West Virginia history. While he was playing in Italy one of his teammates showed him how surprisingly lucrative the cleaning business is. Fast forward a couple of years later and Truck is the Founder/CEO of Truck Bryant Cleaning Crew. We chat about Truck’s unlikely entrepreneurial path in an instant classic for Athletes & Assets.

Episode Breakdown

0:00 - Welcome Truck Bryant!

2:15 - Truck Knew His Career Was Over When He Was Playing In Iran

4:00 - Finding Out About Cleaning Business From His Teammate

7:00 - First Dollar Made As An Entrepreneur

9:45 - Truck Doing The Cleaning Himself - Dropping The Ego

14:00 - Hiring Employees

17:30 - Taxes

19:00 - Basketball Players Only Know Ball - They Need To Learn Other Skills

24:30 - Trucks Next Moves - Real Estate

26:30 - Truck's Podcast - Kevin Durant and Kyrie Pulled Up

28:30 - Thoughts On Current Athletes Starting Podcasts

31:15 - Life Advice For The Next Generation
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