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We passed 100 episodes of Athletes & Assets. Here's 5 things we've learned.

Five lessons learned from conversations about business with 100s of the top athletes on the planet.

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It's not magic, it's March.

4 topics, 3 athletes, and one hell of a month

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NFL Running Backs Are Building Fashion Brands?!

Here’s what your favorite NFL Running Backs are building and investing in off the field.

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March Madness Legends, Say Hello To ACP

One framework athletes should consider when building a company is the ACP Business Model.

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The NFL Quarterback Market Map: VC and CPG

Here’s what your favorite NFL Quarterbacks are building and investing in off the field.

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The First NWSL Market Map

The 2024 National Women’s League Soccer season is upon us. The map outlines what your favorite players are up to off the pitch.

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February FLEW

1. Financial Literacy
2. Brand Management
3. Venture Capital
4. Everything in the NBA (I will explain)
5. Tech
6. Tech Sales
7. Content Strategy
8. Crypto
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MLS Season is here, and so is the 2024 Market Map

Yep, we are back and so is the 2024 Major League Soccer Season! The map outlines what your favorite players are building and investing in off the pitch.

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A WNBA Market Map!

The map outlines what your favorite WNBA players are up to off the court.

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Behold, The First NBA Market Map

The map outlines where your favorite players are building and investing in off the court.

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January was JUMPING

1. Financial Markets (Stocks, Hedge Funds)
2. Tech/Startups
3. Venture Capital
4. Real Estate
5. CPG (Consumer packaged goods)
6. NIL

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The athlete turned software engineer is LETHAL

A unique combination few possess.

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Need to raise from investors? You probably need a Delaware C-Corp.

If you will need investment for your startup and will issue equity/shares in return, then you will most likely incorporate as a Delaware C-Corporation.

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Height may matter in hoops. But not in Venture Capital.

Height doesn't matter in VC.

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How the hell did we get a billboard in Times Square? Nov/Dec 2023 recap

8 athletes, 6 different sports, 6 leagues, 8 topics, and a website.

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Success Loves Speed

Fail FASTER than your peers.

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Don't just play the game, create it

My life wasn't just about basketball- video games held an equally special place in my heart

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I wanted to be like my favorite Olympians... until I realized they were broke

Leveraging tech to generate more income for my peers

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I Don't Care What Anyone Says, Location Matters

Athletes, where you work will have an impact on your career.

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Trust me, this isn't a cold email

From a projected top draft pick, to a new career in sales.

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The First Deal is Done. Let's Work.

8 athletes, 5 different sports, 6 leagues, 9 topics.

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For My Athletes Who Aren't The Star Player

A Lesson on "Networking"

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Which Athlete Archetype Are You Closest To?

Try to find the middle ground...

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I will definitely remember September

4 athletes, 3 different sports, 3 leagues, 4 different topics

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August was nuts

Let’s skip the small talk,
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From NBA Summer League to Techstars Winter Class '23

Three years ago, the general manager of a Western Conference NBA team told me “If you’re thinking about running a tech company on the side of being a pro athlete, you probably won’t have a very successful pro career.”

I took those words and pinned them to my wall. It’s what many athletes would define as “bulletin board material”.

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Yes, I went from Olympian to Accountant

I competed in 2021 Olympics as the #1 nationally ranked badminton player alongside the likes of Kevin Durant and Katie Ledecky. A couple months later, I was crunching numbers and reviewing financial records at a large public accounting firm.

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